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La espectacular transformación de una joven que venció la obesidad y bajó 45 kilos en 9 meses

Sin cirugías y con un simple método, la joven había bajado 8 kilos en un mes, dejando atrás los 120 kilos que llegó alcanzar a su corta edad. Kate Writer, de 25 años, está inspirando a miles de personas, luego de que revelara cómo venció la obesidad mórbida y consiguiera bajar 45 kilos en sólo nueve meses.


|| O V E R W H E L M E D || – Honestly there is no other word to describe how I'm feeling after so many of you amazing people have found me !! Of course the words grateful, excited, happy, loved etc etc all come to mind-but I honestly am just so thrilled to see so many of you support my account and take interest in my story. After being shared by, The Daily Mail, Nova, The Daily Telegraph and a few more media outlets yesterday, I have gained over 10 000 new followers … IN A DAY !!! WHAT!?!? 🤗🎉🙊 – I am so thankful to hear hundreds of people say how much they relate to my journey, how I have inspired and motivated them to start their own weight loss transformation or that I have helped them to keep going and push through the struggles they are feeling at the moment. We all need support and encouragement, so I'm super thankful that you guys are getting that from me 👍🏼 – I am still getting through the crazy amount of messages I have got on here, so bear with me if you have contacted me-I will get back to you, I promise!! Also, My Fitness Pal won't allow me to accept any more of you guys as friends as they have a limit of 1000 😠 So that's why a lot of you haven't been able to add me, I'm so sorry! I will aim to share my meals on here as much as I can! Oh and my Facebook at the moment is still a private account so I am not accepting people on there. I am already struggling to keep up with the msgs on here, so I won't be starting a public Facebook account just yet, but it could definitely be on the cards in the near future! – Stay tuned for even more exciting things coming up really soon-magazine features, newspaper articles, blog features and TV APPEARANCES are all on the cards 😄😝

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La mujer, quien llegó a pesar 120 kilos, cenaba dos veces al día, siempre acudía a restaurantes de comida rápida y era adicta a las bebidas energéticas y a las barras de chocolate. Sin embargo, al darse cuenta que su obesidad empezó a convertirse en un serio problema para su salud, Kate decidió reducir sus porciones de comida y descartar ciertos alimentos, logrando bajar 8 kilos en un mes.


I had to dig pretty deep to find this before photo! 😬 I was always kind of strategic with photos when I was overweight-I tried to keep my poses as "flattering" as possible, I tried to "suck in" and I just deleted pictures as soon as I saw them after a night out. Sure, I didn't love seeing myself in photos, but I was a confident girl who was never picked on because of her weight…I knew I was "big" and I really didn't let it get to me. – I am definitely still the same girl with the same outgoing personality, but I now have a real zest for life, I am way less self conscious, I have more energy, I can buy "normal" clothes, I am strong, I am fit and I am truly happy. – Sure I still have my moments when I feel chubby, flabby and heavy but pictures like this put everything in perspective. This is achievable for every single one of you! There are no quick fixes or magic products that will get these results. It takes plenty of exercise, good nutrition, constant motivation and a willingness to put in the hard yards in order to see change. – Tag someone who needs some motivation and show that that it can be done 👊🏼💪🏼 Una foto publicada por Kate (@dedikated_lifestyle) el 12 de Jul de 2016 a la(s) 1:11 PDT

"Me conseguí una aplicación para saber cuántas calorías consumía al día y empecé una rutina de entrenamiento 'Crossfit'", explicó la joven, quien confirmó que no se sometió a ninguna intervención quirúrgica para lograr su asombroso cambio. Kate, quien actualmente pesa 75 kilos, admite que el proceso fue duro y que tuvo consecuencias en su cuerpo, más allá de la evidente transformación, por ejemplo, estrías, de las cuales no se avergüenza.


big warm WELCOME to all my new followers🙋🏽😘 here's a snapshot of how far I've come and if you don't know my story then read on for a quick recap. . ••••••••• at my heaviest, I weighed in at 120kgs 😬 (this was at the beginning of 2013) and it was around that time that I made some changes and decided to try and drop some weight-little did I know how far I would come! . ••••••••• I significantly reduced my calorie intake and portion sizes and cut out all fast food and alcohol. I began to exercise regularly (mostly cardio to begin with) and to be honest, my body responded way quicker that what I ever expected. by August of the same year I had lost 40kgs 👊🏼 way more than I ever thought I could lose or was hoping to lose. throughout these 7 months I stuck to clean, whole foods and kept training, there were NO supplements, tablets or quick fixes-I worked hard! my motivation was the weight loss I was seeing along with peoples amazing reactions and compliments, and of course fitting into normal clothes! . ••••••••• I began to incorporate crossfit and weight based functional training along with cardio and it took me a total of 18months (around June 2014) to reach my lowest weight, which was 65.4kgs-a loss of 54.6kgs (but let's just call it 55kgs 😂) since then, I have successfully kept the weight off and due to muscle gain and a more balanced lifestyle, I am now sitting at around 70-75kgs👌🏼 ••••••••• by sharing my story, I really want people to see that it is achievable! I never set out to lose 55kgs, I honestly thought I would struggle to get under 100kgs, so don't stop. I am still working on my body and honestly don't know if I will ever be content, but I sure know that I am so proud of what I have achieved and especially of maintaining such a huge weight loss. . ••••••••• so thank you all for supporting my journey and reminding me of how far I've come. if you're wanting to know even more about my journey check out the link in my bio ☝🏼️ I am absolutely overwhelmed with how quickly my account has grown already and can't believe I'm almost at 30k ! I hope to inspire many more and can't wait to change other women's lives with my story 👏🏼

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Por lo mismo, la joven está decidida a convertirse en una fuente de inspiración para todos quienes necesiten un impulso en su proceso de bajar de peso, siendo su Instagram su plataforma preferida para hacerlo.


it's so easy to forget how far you have come 🤔 . . I've been pushing my body pretty hard for a longtime now in the fear of losing my progress and heading back to that girl 👈🏼 so something that im really trying to get my head around is the idea of "balance" – taking rest days, eating out once in a while and not feeling guilt for not tracking everything I eat or eating something 'unhealthy'. . weightloss is such a mental battle and can create really unhealthy relationships with food and training. so it's important to try and not get too obsessed and let it control your life and your relationships with loved ones. keep pushing for results but enjoy life while you're doing it 😘 #memoriesovermacros Una foto publicada por Kate (@dedikated_lifestyle) el 24 de Abr de 2016 a la(s) 3:08 PDT